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Marketing Capabilities Notes no. 6 – Ask your Experts

For woodworking answers, call a carpenter. For help with pipes, valves, and joints, ask a plumber. For many types of advice, we where to look.

But whom do we call to know if our organization is building the right set of marketing capabilities i.e., those that will grow the business and satisfy your customers?

There are at least three answers:

  • Executives – For questions about marketing capabilities direction, call an executive. A qualified executive should be able to tell you what specific marketing capabilities the company is pursuing to support business strategy and, if done well, how they will grow your business and satisfy your customers in the near-to-medium term.
  • Staff – To learn about marketing capabilities execution, call the staff. They can tell you how marketing capabilities efforts are going. For example, staff can share status, progress, and profit and loss results and forecasts on your new bricks and mortar store, PR effort, or other marketing capability, as listed in the Modern Marketing Capability Map. While executives can tell you what marketing capabilities the business is targeting, only staff can indicate the quality with which they are being executed.
  • Customers – Last but not least, whom do you call about marketing capabilities impact? Customers, because they can tell you whether your new marketing capabilities are resonating. For example, if your customers share positive reviews about your new brick and mortar store and shop there enough to make it profitable, the store is likely a success that deserves further development.

It is a little like taking the family out for ice cream. The parent has a plan to order, say, chocolate; the ice cream shop can tell you if the chocolate flavor is any good before you buy it; and afterwards the kids will say they liked it or not, and they will or will not bug you later about a return visit. Everyone plays their part.

Marketing capabilities are easier to understand when we know whom to ask for help, when, and why. As your company builds a set of marketing capabilities to grow your business, call your executives for information on direction, staff members about execution, and customers for impact.



Marketing Capabilities Institute

January 14, 2022

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